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Printed Postcards


A perfect way to make a special announcement, grand opening, advertise a certain product, or just tell a friend hello. Wooden postcards are acceptable to mail (without an envelope) and requires no additional postage!


  • Pricing for postcards is the same whether they are printed one color or full color, as well as one sided or two sided.
  • Printed inks are not 100% opaque, and the wood coloring will show through the printed inks.
  • Pricing is for standard ink printing only. Foil Printing (metallic inks) and Screen Printing (white ink, or other light shades of ink colors) are available upon request. Special pricing does apply. Please inquire about a price quote before placing order online.
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- Pricing for postcards is the same one sided or two sided, one color or full color.

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PLEASE NOTE: • Photos shown online, in our brochures, and physical samples that you receive are representative of the species only. Variation in color, figure and other natural characteristics including but not limited to thickness, translucency, texture, grain pattern, wood knots, amount of grain and color, including within the same specie, can occur. Wood veneer is a natural product and will always exhibit individual features and character marks. • Printing on a dark wood, ie Walnut and Koa, may cause the printing not appear as legible as compared to a light colored wood specie. • Ring-porous woods such as Ash, Oak, Sassafras and Walnut do not print as well due to open grain. Ring-porous woods are slightly thicker. With the varying density of grain in these woods, flexible areas within the veneer will occur naturally.